How I Went From Fat Ass to Phat Ass

Written by Athena Landy

June 27, 2018

How I Went From Fat Ass to Phat Ass

Setting myself up for success. 

When I started my weight loss journey I wanted to get an idea of what lied ahead so I looked up pictures of others who lost 50+ pounds.

What did I see?

Basically everyone looked like a deflated balloon. The difference between them and me was that I chose strength training instead of cardio. As I lost weight I built muscle. To put it simply: now I look a lot better naked than they did. 

When I started my journey I wanted 2 things: to lose the weight and actually keep it off, and finally look (and feel) good. 

Lose the weight and keep it off

Losing weight from only diet and cardio can set you up for what I like to refer to as the "Biggest Loser Effect". When you finally reach your goals dieting stops and, like many of the Biggest Loser contestants, you regain the weight.

When you lose weight without building muscle you are lowering your basal metabolic rate(BMR). What does this mean? It means you burn less calories throughout your day so you must consume fewer calories to maintain your body weight. 

It's simple: when you build muscle you increase your BMR i.e you increase your metabolism. A higher metabolism means you get to eat more and maintain your lean mass. 

More food while still losing weight? Yes please.

Look good feel good

By dedicating 4 days a week to strength training and following a program like our Seriously Strong Beginner Program, I was able to lose fat while building muscle. 

As a female one of my biggest concerns was having a pancake ass. Coming from a family plagued with barrel butts I made sure to make glute training a focus. I kind of became an expert in glute growth. I even wrote a free glute training guide.

Strength training allowed me to fill out with muscle while slimming down so I wasn't left looking deflated. Training for the goals of strength and muscle kept me focused on something other than the number on the scale. For me being able to remain in a positive goal oriented mindset kept me from losing motivation during my journey. 

Get your nutrition in check

The most important part of weight loss is your nutrition. 

I've taken everything I know about weight loss, made it simple and easy to understand, then put it into a free guide called "Eating for Your Goals". Click the link below to download it.

Download the Serious Guide to Nutrition