5 Signs You Need a Personal Trainer

Written by Keith Hansen

April 30, 2018

Personal Trainer talking to Client

Personal trainers have evolved. 

In the 90's when personal trainers first started to become popular they were mostly glorified cheerleaders. Someone to count your reps, cheer you on, and hold you accountable.

All three of those things(okay two. count your own reps) are still vital parts of a good personal trainer.

But it isn't enough in 2018.

Personal trainers in 2018 are motivators, strength coaches, technique teachers, exercise educators, friends, and therapists.

Their job is to keep you injury free, motivated, and seeing results. 

The best personal trainers are constantly assessing your technique, movement patterns, mood, and adjusting your plan for maximum results & safety.

Any of the following five reasons are a good indicator you could benefit from hiring a personal trainer.


3c0658a9646e75499e38fb678af65133Plateaus happen for a variety of reasons: inefficient workouts, ineffective exercises, and lack of knowledge.

A great personal trainer will ensure your time in the gym is spent doing the best movements for your goals, in the best order, at the best times.

If your progress has stalled for weeks or months you need a personal trainer.

Why spend time, energy, and effort doing the same thing over and over without results?


Derrick+Rose+Atlanta+Hawks+v+Chicago+Bulls+b3M7YPx-CVKlWeightlifting done well is incredibly safe.

When your technique is off you are almost guaranteed injury at some point. 

Already injured? 

The right personal trainer will make sure you know what exercises to do to improve your situation, prevent it from happening again, and how to tweak your program for the future.

If you've hurt yourself in the gym before you know how this will slow down your progress.

Work with a personal trainer to reduce the likelihood of this ever happening again.


Doing the same routine again & again will ensure you stay the same.

Doing the same routine alone is even worse.

Spending an hour in the gym with only your headphones as company and wandering aimlessly between machines sucks.

Your personal trainer will ensure your workouts are not only safe & effective but fresh.

They will always have entertaining conversation & education to keep you engaged.

If you get bored going to the gym you seriously need to consider hiring a personal trainer.


DSC01641It's easy to make excuses to put the gym off another day. The gym will always be there.

But this is the hallmark of someone who is about to fall off the wagon.

Every year people make New Year's Resolutions to get in shape, lose weight, and build muscle, but each week their commitment wains.

This is the reason gyms can charge membership fees as low as $10 a month--they count on you not going.

But when you hire a personal trainer you now have two reasons to keep going. 

Personal trainers aren't $10 a month, but they are annoying when you start to make excuses. 

Hiring a personal trainer vastly increases your chances of accomplishing your fitness goals. 

If you've started fitness but fallen off again and again you NEED a personal trainer.


The beauty of the internet is an infinite source of information. 

The ugly side of the internet is, well, it is an infinite source of information.

With so many websites, Instagram accounts, and YouTube videos it can be downright confusing.

Everyone is touting this exercise or that as the best. The internet is full of conflicting information.

Your coach has read all of the articles, watched all of the videos, and experimented on themselves to see what works and what doesn't.

If you aren't sure what you're doing when you step in the gym a great personal trainer will educate you.

A great personal trainer will demystify fitness and increase your confidence.

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